Our Services

Four key capabilities that we offer our clients as our services.

#1 Research

Know Change

Research comprises "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis to increase the stock of knowledge", including knowledge of shared values, strategy, organisation and systems, people, culture and skills, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications. Our research service offering is methodical, systematic and evidence-based with reliable references to industry and academic publications. 

#2 Advisory

Decide Change

Advisory refers to a service offering that provides advice to the management of your corporation, organisation, or foundation based on the landscape changes. This service is offered in addition to the Research service, should you prefer a longer term engagement with our advisers on a range of topics that the management is interested to have a closer look and determine solutions. 

#3 Consulting

Make Change

Our consulting service offering includes a wide range of services as enterprise business analysis, business architecture, information architecture and application architecture, business analysis, business process management, program and project management, agile delivery management, change management and last but not the least IT service management. Our consulting team will guide your implementation process from start, through to successful completion. 

#4 Coaching

Sustain Change

Organisations require internal capabilities to keep up with the increasingly changing business environment. Our coaching service educate and support your internal resources with establishing and adopting best practices and proven methodologies in IT service management, business analysis, project management and agile delivery in the form of PMO, CoE, Capability Centre, Competency Centre and so on.